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Top Three Health Hacks for Sustainable Training

I’m too tired. It’s too expensive. I don’t have enough time. Three of the most common reasons people give on why they can’t adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. Of course, they can be true. We all have weeks where you’re putting in overtime and working much more than the standard nine to five, leaving you […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017

Satisfy Those Cravings and Stay Healthy this Autumn

It’s colder, sunny days seem to have taken a back seat, and the thought of tucking into a warm takeaway can be so tempting. And those healthy, refreshing salads you were managing to take to work throughout the summer? Not so appealing anymore. But the change in season doesn’t mean the healthy habits you’ve created […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017

The Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of incorporating yoga into your training programme  At UN1T we love our high intensity, heavy lifting and sweaty workouts. They’re challenging, help you achieve your fat loss or muscle gain goals, and with our We Train as One approach, make you feel part of a team. One thing we often neglect though is focusing […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017

Four Steps to Your Weekly Meal Prep

Four steps to your weekly meal prep You’ve been smashing it in the classes, hitting personal bests and maybe even taking home the title of Trooper of the Class by going the extra mile. But a lot of that hard work and sweat left on the Un1T floor can be thrown away with an unhealthy […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017

Interview with Head Trainer and Studio Manager, Gary Williams

Trainer Interview with Head Trainer and Studio Manager, Gary Williams Whether it’s your first UN1T class or your hundredth, showing up, ready to train as one can be nerve-wracking. What madness will follow four lengths on the prowler? How heavy will we be lifting? Just a few of the questions running through your mind. But […]

Posted 17th Oct 2017

“SUPERFOODS” that are hampering your FAT LOSS GOALS

“SUPERFOODS THAT ARE HAMPERING YOUR FAT LOSS GOALS” All foods have a purpose even if they are deemed “Good and Bad” The purpose of this blog post is to simply make you more aware of the high amount of calories that come with some of these “superfoods.” But, what is a superfood? SUPERFOOD: A NUTRIENT-RICH FOOD […]

Posted 10th Mar 2017

Read about UN1T in The Evening Standard and Cosmopolitan

We recently hosted Be:Fit and Reebok at the studio, showcasing our signature class, Trooper. In UN1T, We Train As One, and this evening was no exception! The group was pushed to their limits, and the spirit of teamwork was palpable for the entire 40 minutes of varied exercises. We welcomed athletes into the studio that […]

Posted 9th Mar 2017

Body Types

There are 8 billion people in the world and no 2 people have the same genetics on this earth, every person has their own body type and genetics. Do you know a person who eats nothing but unhealthy food and never puts on any weight? Well I do, but he is not going to be named….. but we […]

Posted 9th Feb 2017

What is Team Conditioning?

What is team conditioning and why is it the best training for ALL? With so much information out there, it’s impossible to know what is correct. Quite often you’ll find contradictory information within one website. Wether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’re just starting out in fitness, you’ll always be looking to grow your knowledge […]

Posted 8th Feb 2017